7 Free Tools That Will Make Your Writing Better

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No matter your occupation, everyone writes something every day. We send a stream of emails, texts, write blog posts or news articles, compose tweets, and maybe even a handwritten card or two. Thanks to technology, people write more today than ever before.

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In order to connect with your reader, it is essential that every piece of writing is engaging and well-written, no matter if it’s a quick text or an in-depth article. Want to make your writing better? Below are 7 free tools you can use to make your writing better.

  1. Grammarly – This simple plugin takes spellcheck to the next level. Grammarly corrects  all of the normal spelling and grammar errors in a similar way to spellcheck and provides analytics on your common errors, how much you write, and tips to improve your writing.
  2. Hemingway – Are you overly verbose and using a cornucopia of unnecessarily fancy words that create confusing sentences? Keep it simple. Hemingway identifies run-on sentences, unnecessary words, and also grades your work.
  3. 750 Words – The best way to improve any skill is to do it more often. The same is true with writing. Based on the idea of “morning pages,” 750 words gives writers a private place to simply write. No social sharing, no fancy interface, just a blank page that tracks how many words you write.
  4. Book Title Capitalization Tool – The rules for title capitalization are somewhat straightforward, but why risk mistakes when you have an amazing tool. Just copy and paste your title and it will be instantly adjust  to the correct format.
  5. Cliché Finder – One of the fastest ways to sound boring and unoriginal is to stuff your writing with overused cliches. Drop your writing into the ClichéFinder and it will highlight every cliché.
  6. Power Thesaurus – For when the regular thesaurus just isn’t enough. This handy little tool will churn out synonyms, antonyms, and closely related words.
  7. Headline Analyzer – This addictive tool gives your headlines a score from 0 – 100 based on length, word choice, headline type, and emotional sentiment.

Check out these tools to take your writing to the next level. Want to learn about creating effective mobile marketing campaigns? See a quick demo of our platform.

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