7 Surprising Uses of Text Messaging

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For something as basic as 160 characters or less, a text message’s use can be surprisingly creative. Here are seven examples of SMS popping up in places that you wouldn’t expect.

1. Keeping coworkers in the loop about company events

Upland Mobile Messaging: What bagel would you like today?

Employee: Toasted everything with cream cheese please!

Text messaging offers a great way to keep employees in the know about company-related events and news. Office managers can text out reminders about team events or important meetings, or even organize the next softball game through SMS. Here at Upland Mobile Messaging, for example, we use text messaging to ask our employees what kind of bagel they would like every Friday!

2. Directing conference attendees to where they need to go

 Bob Businessman: Mobile Marketing 101

Conference: 2pm, Room 201

Few things are quite as vast and confusing as a conference space. Nowadays, conference organizers can ask attendees to opt in to conference-related text messages throughout their stay. Attendees can receive helpful information such as nearby restaurants or directions to the next featured event.

Conference organizers can also use text messaging to send out automated replies to common questions. If people are unsure about the details of an event, they can simply text in its name to receive a text back pinpointing the exact time and place.

3. Finding lost pets

 Good Samaritan: #921729

Lost Pet Finders: Thank you! That number matches a record in our system. We will contact the pet owner now!


Lost Pet Finders has an ingenious way of returning lost pets to their owners. If you find a pet with an ID tag, you can text the ID number to a shortcode number provided by Lost Pet Finders. The service, in turn, contacts the pet’s owner letting them know their animal is safe.

4. Enhancing game day with food delivery and weather alerts

 Mets fan: Nachos, extra cheese to section 146 seat 16F

Stadium: Thank you! Your order is on its way.

Sports stadiums are taking service to a whole new level by allowing fans to text food requests to a shortcode. Nachos, hot dogs and more can now be delivered to you without ever having to get out of your seat!

Other stadiums send alerts to ticketholders about inclement weather so that fans can prepare accordingly for game day.

5. Ordering valet service while still in the restaurant

 Rico Suave: Ticket 45, be there in five minutes.

Forcino’s: Thank you, your car will be ready at 9:15pm.

It used to be that in order to impress your date, you ordered valet. But some restaurants now allow guests to text valet service from inside the restaurant. That way their ride will be ready and waiting for them as soon as they step to the curb.

6. Interacting with your radio D.J.

Fan: What song is playing now?

D.J: “Little Red Corvette” by Prince


Not sure what’s playing? Power 105.1 in New York allows listeners to text in to find out the name of the song currently playing on the radio. Alternatively, people can send a text to the station to request songs as well.

7. Ordering room service from your hotel

 Guest: Egg white omelet to room 320.

Front desk. Thank you! Your order has been placed.

For a while now, text messaging has been viewed as the shortcut to making a phone call. Hotels are keying into this fact by permitting guests to text with the front desk. People can use it for all the same services, such as ordering room service or booking a massage, just as they did before.

These innovative examples are just a few of many. Text messaging has been used to improve businesses, spread awareness, and even save lives. Just check out a few of our client case studies if you would like to know more about text messaging’s awesome role in the world today.

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