75% of Millennials Prefer Texting Over Talking

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Upland Admin

“75% of Millennials would rather lose the ability to talk versus text,” writes MediaPost. That shocking statistic, based off a national survey by Open Market, shows just how far we’ve come to a culture fully connected to its phones – and gives a clear rallying cry to business and organizations seeking to connect with the Millennial generation.

According to the article, young people prefer texts for a variety of reasons:

  • Texts are “more convenient” and on their own schedule (76%)
  • Texts are “less disruptive than a voice call” (63%)
  • They “prefer to text vs. Call” in general (53%)
  • They “never check voicemails” (19%)

In particular, Millennials are looking for companies to send them text reminders, product offers, surveys, and notifications.

In the words of OpenMarket’s general manager, “Using SMS allows companies to communicate exactly how and where millennials like.”

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