Advances in MMS Add Interactive Tools for Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketer

Improvements in application-to-peer MMS (MM7) interoperability announced by the Mobile Marketing Association, will offer cross-carrier, interactive multimedia marketing opportunities for engaging consumers through their mobile devices.

MMS platform providers have correspondingly added advanced features for the deployment of A2P MMS technology in the marketing space, improving the creative presentation and interactivity of the service, including:

• Multiple slides of content or marketing “events” in a single MMS message
• MMS delivery receipts
• MMS device discovery and content adaptation of images, audio and video
• MMS hyperlink adaptation, shortened and click-through instructions based on device
• Multiple click-to-call links in a single MMS message
• Multiple click-to-web links in a single MMS message
• Optional terms and conditions slide, with text or spoken audio
• Incoming MMS keyword matching
• MMS bar code and NFC (Near Field Communication) object delivery
• DRM technology to manage the right to share and forward content

MMS is not a stand-alone technology but actually complementary to SMS.

“More importantly, MMS is likely to stand apart as a messaging technology offering marketers rich media opportunities, the immediacy of a user’s inbox, interactivity, the viral component of content sharing and an audience already familiar with and using messaging.”

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