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The explosive use of mobile by consumers and businesses has resulted in a shift of traditional and digital marketing budgets to the highest conversion medium available – mobile. Leaders in the mobile marketing evolution like Waterfall are seeking out strategic partnerships and acquisitions to help clients drive mobile customer engagement across the entire customer journey. As a cloud mobile marketing leader, we are thrilled to Waterfall Acquires the Mobile Marketing Services Division of Archer USA Inc. of the mobile marketing services division of Archer USA, Inc.

The Archer acquisition expands our solution portfolio, strengthens the partner channel and further establishes our dominance in the mobile marketing arena. We’ve helped brands, retailers and agencies build meaningful customer relationships through mobile messaging by combining mobile engagement solutions and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies for more than a decade. Building on our commitment to give our customers the most robust mobile solution on the market, we will leverage Archer’s solutions to power innovative video processing, real-time rich media message personalization, enterprise-grade messaging gateways, and secure, encrypted delivery capabilities. The combined platform gives marketers deliver personal and timely campaigns for the highest quality and relevant end-user experience.

Interested in learning how market leaders like 7-Eleven, ABC, Acxiom, American Eagle Outfitters, Constant Contact, Experian, FedEx, Microsoft, Neiman Marcus, Nuance, PETA, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, the U.S. Army and Western Union are tapping the power of the Waterfall platform to drive successful mobile-enabled marketing initiatives? Schedule a quick demo below.

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