Expand Access to Healthcare Services with Text Messaging

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Upland Admin

Connecting people to local health resources is an important service that healthcare organizations provide for their communities. Your organization may have all the information available, but how do you help people find exactly what they’re looking for?

Text messaging is an effective and efficient outreach strategy that can direct people to local resources and drive them to take action. In particular, underserved populations who may not have reliable access to the Internet can find out where they can access the services they need the most.

A text message locator lets people text in their location to find the nearest healthcare clinic or facility offering the resources they need:

33% of respondents got vaccinated within a week of using a flu shot text message locator created by the California Department of Public Health

Read the full case study and learn more ways healthcare organizations are using text messaging to improve healthcare outcomes by downloading our eBook: 5 Ways Mobile is Improving Healthcare Outcomes.

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