How to Find the Best SMS Marketing Provider

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Finding an SMS marketing provider is a lot like dating. You want a provider you can depend on, one that blends seamlessly with your friends (other CRM / email systems) and one that will continue to help you grow. But how easy is it to find your perfect match in the SMS dating world? Fear not, after reading this, you will know exactly how to find the best SMS marketing provider.

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Rob Woodbridge from Untether.TV, a blog navigating the mobile marketing world, interviewed Greg Hickman from Mobile Mixed on the top 5 best SMS marketing vendors. Greg named Waterfall as his top choice for an SMS Marketing Provider, citing multiple reasons, including some of the following, which we are deeming as must-haves when choosing your provider:

1) Software

Technology and innovation move fast. You want an SMS marketing provider who can not only keep up with today, but also continue evolving long-term. Choose a partner who can help you analyze your campaigns’ success with segmentation tools, A/B testing, API connectivity and the ability to fulfill your SMS marketing dreams with customization. Make sure your SMS marketing provider has history with adding new channels to its offering, as well as data management.

2) Compliance

This one’s a biggie. You want a partner who will protect you and stay up-to-date on the ever-changing mobile marketing compliance rules. Waterfall’s Head of Strategy, Matt Silk, sits on the governing board for the Mobile Marketing Association and helps shape these regulations. You can avoid campaign hiccups and audits by finding an SMS marketing provider who will take care of your needs, and together, develop a compliant action plan with continued check-ins.

3) Support

Choose an SMS marketing provider who is supportive and responsive when times get tough. The worst thing is to have an unresponsive or uncaring partner, and the same goes for your vendor relationships. A good SMS marketing provider will not only help mitigate issues, but constantly provide feedback to ensure your campaigns are as successful as they can be, warranting you the greatest ROI. A strong support system is key for having an effective SMS marketing campaign.

4) Integration

You want your mobile messaging provider to seamlessly integrate with your other systems. Choose an SMS marketing provider with a cross-channel marketing and CRM understanding for complete campaign success and customer lifetime value. Be sure that your provider has a robust API and maximizes customer data.

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