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As a very simple definition, mobile marketing is the art of marketing a brand, products, or services to individuals via their mobile devices. A marketer that gets mobile marketing right will be able to connect with a target audience in amazing ways.

It is estimated that 80% of the internet users now own a smartphone. According to Salesforce, 68% of contemporary companies have adopted mobile marketing as one of their primary marketing strategies. This is a clear sign that mobile marketing keeps getting better and better.

If you’re a college graduate looking for a growing sector in the marketing industry, mobile marketing is the #1 area of attention for almost every industry.


The Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Compared to other forms of marketing e.g traditional online or media marketing, mobile marketing brings specific benefits:

Cost Effective – The first noticeable benefit is affordable advertising rates for mobile display advertising. Compared to traditional/broadcast media marketing, you can decide the amount of cash you want to spend each day, you can limit your risks, and you can start with a low budget.

Efficient Targeting – Nowadays, the better you target your audience the better your business will perform. With the use of social media and search PPC networks, anyone can create highly profitable mobile campaigns. Most of the networks that offer advertising options already possess critical profile and preference data regarding their users, and can leverage that data in an mobile ad campaign.

Immediate Results – Mobile marketing provides immediate results. That’s a fact, not an opinion. If you understand how mobile marketing works, you’ll that targeting and marketing options are providing real-time results. You can generate traffic and convert sales the minute you’ve launched a campaign.


Tips to Succeed with Mobile Marketing

As a graduate, you’re probably lacking experience. No worries. Everyone’s a newbie at first. The solution is simple: consistent practice that eventually leads to mastery. Mobile marketing is just like any skill – it can be developed. Here are some insights that improve mobile marketing performance:

1. Responsive Website
If a website is not mobile responsive, you can forget about integrating mobile marketing. The first premise of mobile marketing is to reach people through their phones and other smart devices. To make your campaigns to work smoothly, optimize the content, the design, and the other elements that will appear on the phones of the audience you are targeting.

2. Add Mobile Payments
Mobile payment is a new trend among online shoppers. Since many consumers don’t even have a desktop device, they’re using their phones for everything they do. This includes payments, so integrating credit card processing tools for smartphones are becoming a key component of mobile campaigns.

3. Keep Everything Simple
Marketers that complicate their sales process are prone to fail. Consumers are already overwhelmed by the number of advertisements and sales pitches they come across every day. Most don’t have the patience to stay on a page for more than a few seconds, especially if they’re on a mobile
phone. To optimize your mobile campaigns, make the experience easy for them. Simple design, fast-loading web pages, and limiting options are ideal for grabbing and holding the attention of a mobile user.

4. Test, Test, Test
The key to any advertising campaign (not just mobile, but also mobile) is to test until you find the most profitable campaign types and user experiences. While testing can incur costs, A/B testing is your most solid tactic for finding the best performing campaigns.


Mobile Marketing Tools to Boost Your Performance

1. Google’s Mobile Friendly Software – Google provides a truly useful app that shows you how well your website is optimized for mobile devices.
2. Essaygeeks – Today, almost every marketing campaign is dependent on creating content. Written content is and will be the most common way of spreading information. This service helps you with the content creation, proofreading, and editing.
3. Facebook – Facebook is the most ubiquitous advertising option today. They offer many mobile-personalized advertising features that any marketer can grasp easily.
4. Instagram – Another powerful social media network that helps marketers reach massive numbers of online users. Facebook has purchased Instagram, so to execute Instagram marketing campaigns, you will have to use Facebook’s advertising dashboard.
5. Snapchat – You can now use Snapchat ads to target people that take and share photos. Snapchat ad campaigns are used by many marketers and offer flexible marketing options and capabilities.
6. Apple Pay – If you want to enable payments from iOS devices, add the Apple Pay capabilities to your mobile program.
7. Google Pay – Like Apple Pay, Google Pay is a mobile payment platform that enables Android users to purchase goods and services with their phone.



If you’re a college graduate looking to enter the mobile industry, here’s one more tip: a full time career in the marketing industry is very different than your previous college experiences. Whether you work for a marketing company or start your own, you are responsible for your future. If you take consistent smart action and are persistent, success will follow.

Author bio: Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Facebook and Google+.

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