Mobile Messaging Acquires New Domain Name for NYC Clients

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Upland Admin

Earlier this year, New York City announced that it would be releasing it’s very own Internet domain – .nyc. Similar to .org, .gov, and other domain names, .nyc denotes a specific geography on the Internet landscape. In other words, organizations affiliated with New York City will now be able to guide people to their website with a .nyc URL.

As a New York City-based company that works with several local organizations, Upland Mobile Messaging is excited to announce that you can now access our website via, and our clients now have the option to use for shortlinks in their text messages.

Using shortlinks in text messages

The Upland Mobile Messaging platform allows clients to create and insert shortened URLs into text messages to save space. This makes it easy for organizations to send resources to their subscribers that can’t fit in 160 characters by redirecting them to a mobile web page.

Our clients use shortlinks in a variety of ways, from asking subscribers to sign a petition to promoting a new video to sharing a success story or press release. Our platform automatically generates a unique short URL for each mobile subscriber, which means that clients can track clicks on the personal level for maximum campaign analytics.

Upland Mobile Messaging is now offering the option for clients to use the shortlink, although will still be the default shortlink. To learn how to get the shortlink, please contact your mobile strategist.

“New Yorkers are constantly innovating and putting this great city on the digital map,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “The launch of the .nyc domain is one of the most anticipated arrivals for the city and the Internet at large.”

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