Text Messages are the Best Way to Drive Phone Calls to Legislators

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Political activists know that phone calls to Congress are the best way to influence legislators. But what’s the best way to actually get your organization’s supporters to pick up the phone and make those calls?

At Mobile Commons, we have run phone call campaigns for dozens of activist and political organizations, as well as commercial companies who are concerned about impending legislation.

Our customers have used a variety of tactics to spread the word about their call-in campaigns. They have distributed direct hotlines. They have put forms on their websites. And they have sent out text message calls-to-action.

We have found overwhelmingly that text messages are the best way to drive phone calls to legislators.

The Brady Campaign Found that a Text Message was 25-30x More Effective at Driving Phone Calls than Email or Social Media
When the Brady Campaign wanted to influence key legislators on Capitol Hill, they launched a call-in campaign. They promoted their call-in across all their different platforms: email, their SMS list, and on shareable graphics across social media platforms.

The Brady Campaign found that their mobile list performed 25-30x better than email and social. Text messages drove over half the total calls that day.

Everytown for Gun Safety Found that Text Messages are 3x More Effective than Emails at Driving Phone Calls
Everytown for Gun Safety has connected hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens with their representatives in support of gun safety. When they want to rally their members to speak up, Everytown reaches out across all their platforms.

Everytown has estimated that response rates for SMS messages to their list are 10-20 times that of emails. Factoring in costs, they found that text messages are 3x more effective than emails at generating phone calls.

If you are considering launching a call-in campaign, contact your mobile strategist, or email us to get started on the Mobile Commons platform. Using strategies like this, learned from thousands of mobile campaigns, we can help you maximize your impact and make your voice heard on Capitol Hill.

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