Three Easy Ways to Grow Your Mobile List

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You can never have too many mobile subscribers! Here are some quick ways to spread the word and make it easy for more people to opt in to your mobile campaign.

Add a Mobile Field to Your Web Forms

Chances are your organization already engages in online outreach. Web forms are a great way to gather information from people visiting your website, such as their name, email address, and interests. By adding a field for a mobile phone number to your existing web forms, you can make it even easier for people to join your mobile list in addition to receiving email updates.

Here’s an example of a call to action and web form from Reform Immigration 4 America’s website:

Ask Your List to Refer New Users with Tell-A-Friend

If you already have a loyal group of mobile subscribers, the best way to get new followers is to ask your existing users to spread the word for you! Simply ask your subscribers to text in the phone numbers of a few friends they think might be interested in your mobile campaign. You can then send those contacts customized text messages to recruit them for your mobile list.

Many of our clients have seen amazing results with our Tell-a-Friend feature. When launched their pregnancy-awareness campaign, they asked their audience of teens to spread the word and ask their friends to join the campaign. For every 1 direct sign-up, they gained 2.3 additional sign-ups with Tell-A-Friend!

A/B Test Different Promotional Channels

A/B testing allows your organization to test out different marketing tactics to see which ones engage the most people and get them to take action. Once you figure out which method is most effective for getting people to sign up for your mobile campaigns, you can focus your marketing budget on those specific channels for the maximum return on your investment.

A simple way to test various promotional methods is to use different keywords. For example, you can use the mobile call to action “Text COUPON to 12345” on your print materials and “Text DISCOUNT to 12345” in your television commercials. By comparing the number of responses you get from each opt in path, you can easily calculate which ad spend has a better value and use that media more frequently in the future.

If you’d like to learn more strategies on how to increase your mobile subscribers, contact your mobile strategist or contact us.

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