Three Features You May Not Know About That Can Supercharge Your Mobile Messaging Advocacy Campaigns

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It’s even easier than you may have realized to connect hundreds of thousands of your supporters with their Congressional representatives.

Earlier this month, we launched Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy, a plug-and-play tool that makes it simple for organizations to drive phone calls to Congress and affect legislators’ opinions. But at Upland Mobile Messaging, we’re never satisfied with just “incredibly powerful and easy to use.” We’re always working to make our products even more powerful, and even easier to use.

Check out three features that you may not have known about, that make it simpler to make calls, simpler to analyze calls, and simpler to target calls for maximum legislative impact.

  1. Streamlined Calling
    Callers Can Enter their Zip Codes After DialingThe best way to encourage people to make advocacy phone calls is to make the process simple. Our first feature lets callers enter their zip code with their keypad when they make their phone calls. Callers are then district matched in real-time. If you’re advertising a single national hotline number – for example, on television – this feature can ensure that all your callers are connected to the appropriate senators. (If the caller is online, she should still type her address or zip code before the call.)
  2. More Powerful Targeting
    Reach Only the Swing Senators for Maximum ImpactThere’s no need to target senators with an overflow of phone calls if they already support your bill. Have your admins suppress selected senators from receiving calls. When a constituent from a suppressed state makes an advocacy call, she will be connected to a targeted senator in a different state.
  3. Better Analytics
    Ask Callers to “Annotate” for Qualitative Feedback. Upland Mobile Messaging has always offered extensive quantitative analysis of every aspect of your advocacy campaigns. By asking callers for their feedback, we’re also providing qualitative analysis. Click-to-call users can “annotate” calls by submitting a form after finishing their calls. They’ll have the option of adding a description of their call – providing you invaluable insight into your outreach.

The Technology Behind the Most Effective Advocacy Campaigns
Creating an effective advocacy campaign goes far beyond just redirecting phone calls. With Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy, you’re getting a powerful suite of tools whose sole purpose is to target the most calls to where they will have the greatest impact.

Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy takes all the effort out of an advocacy campaign. Supporters simply enter their cell phone information and preferred time of day to call legislators, and Upland Mobile Messaging does the rest.

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