Top 14 Essential Online Tools and Apps for Digital Marketers

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Digital marketing has quickly become one of the most important aspects of all businesses, both large and small. While larger businesses may have streamlined campaigns across all forms of social media that links with TV and magazine ads, small businesses tend to maintain social media profiles to provide information to customers too. As most people search via Facebook and Twitter for shops, restaurants, reviews, and also stumble across a lot of ads for business while on the platform, it is an area of business that cannot be neglected. However, keeping up a competitive and relevant digital campaign is a full time job that requires awareness of a whole host of online features and constant updates that meet the ever-changing requirements for promotion. While nothing can make this task easy, there are certain tools that can make digital marketing easier to manage, as well as ensure that your efforts result in the maximum effects, and make sure that your messages reach your intended audience.

The following tools are a great way of staying on top of your current campaign:

1. Offerpop

Offer Pop is a great tool if you’re struggling with user engagement. Even if you’re to struggling, all companies should always be trying to increase engagement, as the beauty of marketing over social media is the fact that you can interact with your audience. This tool uses a variety of methods and formats to help you make real contact with your audience.

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2. Visible

Many digital marketers take shots in the dark when posting on social media. They often hope that their content will be popular and catch on, however this guesswork is unnecessary when the above app will tell you exactly what topics are trending on social media, and you can adapt this to your content.

3. Paper Fellows

When you first start writing blog posts or social media posts for your online campaign, it can be hard to know where to start. The above website is home to some great forums and support groups where you can find help and advice from professional writers.

4. Socioboard

Managing multiple online profiles, potentially for a number of pages can be a challenge, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the different updates that come from each page. Fortunately, this website allows you to manage all of your social media profiles from one central app, which makes staying on top of responses and updates a whole lot easier.

5. Hoot Suite

This app allows you to monitor multiple social media profiles, as well as track hashtags and review analytics. You can also use this app to schedule posts, so you can arrange for updates at optimum times.

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6. Ox Essays

When digital marketing first emerged, it’s a sad truth that content wasn’t particularly important. As search engine crawlers have got smarter, it’s become essential to only post high quality and original content. Fortunately, this website can allocate content writing or editing tasks to professionals who are aware of the requirements for marketing content.

7. Boomerang

Boomerang is another awesome app for email management, allowing you to schedule when you’ll send updates, and send reminders for yourself, as well as many other useful features.

8. Australian Help

Everything you post to represent your business, whether it’s a blog, an email, or a social media update, reflects your company. For this reason, everything should be accurate and grammatically flawless; otherwise you may appear incompetent and sloppy. For this reason, many businesses turn to this website to hire writers or editors for their online content.

9. Ad Roll

Retargeting campaigns are a growing source of online marketing, and their effects can be surprisingly good for business. This is one of the main websites to use to make sure that your ads appear on other websites after people have left your site. This ensures that your visitors are reminded of what you offer, and you’re definitely reaching people who are interested in what you provide.
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10. Chango

Chango is a website that offers retargeting, however with some additional extras. They provide amazing display advertising, and while they do use retargeting technology, they also accumulate extra audience data for your business, and show your ads to even more potential customers.

11. Sprout Social

It is social media management software for business that makes it easy for brands to engage with current and prospective customers more effectively. The platform is integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Zendesk and it provides detailed statistics across all your interlinked social networking sites.

12. Quantcast

Analytics are absolutely essential when it comes to online marketing. Information about your customers, their demographics and behavioral patterns is essential when it comes to directing your campaigns in the future.

13. Bright Edge

When it comes to content marketing, you need to be aware of SEO, and bright edge is a great way of monitoring that.

14. Idio

One of the main advantages of digital marketing is being able to communicate directly with individuals, and this app helps you ensure a truly individual experience for your users.

Digital marketing is growing and expanding, and with that the rules change regularly, and only the best digital marketers are able to keep up. However, using the tools listed above can help ensure that your brand stays ahead of the competition by maintaining a strong online presence.

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