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As the old cliché goes, “You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.”

That’s especially true for non-profit groups and advocacy campaigns. Being able to know what your members have done in the past can be invaluable when you’re trying to engage them in the future.  Non-profit groups live and die by moving their members along the “ladder of engagement,” from Facebook friends to campaign donors to hardcore activists.

But if you don’t have reliable data for how far along that ladder people have climbed, there’s no way to target just the right group with just the right message to move your members up a rung.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new feature for Upland Mobile Messaging customers who use mConnect and the advocacy platform available from Convio. We’re pushing all data from advocacy phone calls directly into Convio Luminate Online. As of today, Convio clients can track which of their members are making advocacy calls, where they are being routed, and how long they are on the phone for – directly from within their Convio accounts.*

That makes it easy for non-profits using Convio Luminate Online to compare who is making phone calls against other user data. They can use that information to move activists further up that ladder of engagement. According to Michelle Shefter, Convio Product Manager:

Historically, organizations have reported as few as 1 in 5 calls being properly recorded from constituents who manually dialed elected officials for a given advocacy campaign, and accuracy varied widely. Upland Mobile Messaging can now automate this process for Convio Luminate Online clients, from patching the phone call directly through to the proper office location, measuring call duration, and recording which constituents dialed which officials.

This not only increases the accuracy of campaign data results, but other benefits of this integration include the ability to follow up with engaged supporters through targeted integrated marketing campaigns as well as leverage the resulting data for follow-up lobbying efforts on behalf of the organization.

Upland Mobile Messaging has synched profile information with Convio Luminate Online for years. We’ve always integrated demographic data and mobile giving donations right into the Convio Luminate platform. But for phone calls, Convio has long relied on asking their users to self-report their activities. In the data-rich world of mobile campaigns, there are now better options.

Now, Convio customers can run text-to-call, click-to-call, and other integrated mobile campaigns, right from a Convio email or web form, and get real-time call statistics back.

Knowing what a member has done in the past is invaluable when you’re trying to engage them in the future. The new integration with Convio puts hard data to practical use, and gives advocacy groups new ways to learn more about their members.

Example Use

One organization that will benefit from the new integration is Upland Mobile Messaging and Convio’s customer the National Association of Realtors®.  NAR needs to be prepared to mobilize their members to protect the American Dream of Home Ownership by making needed phone calls at just the right moment in addition to the usual letters, faxes and emails.  But as has happened in past campaigns, they don’t want the extensive data that these call-in campaigns generate to just disappear.

With Upland Mobile Messaging’s new integration with Convio, the NAR will now be able to use the wealth of data that the call-in campaign generates to better engage its members in the future. Claire McDonough, Director of Online Advocacy for the NAR told us:

A member willing to make a phone call to Capitol Hill is one of the hardest asks we make of our membership, and it is one of the most valuable conversions we can produce. Now we can finally track these critical phone calls as part of our advocacy strategy and use it to more accurately track our influentials. For the first time, we have a fully integrated system with our valued partners Upland Mobile Messaging and Convio. We can’t thank them enough for listening to our need and quickly acting to help make this missing piece of our strategy a working reality.

If you’re interested in more information about these new features, or how to get started moving your members up the ladder of engagement, contact us.

*That’s information that Upland Mobile Messaging customers have always had available from within Mobile Messaging. But now, thanks to the robust Convio Open APIs, those statistics are available from within the Convio Luminate CRM.

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