Upland Software Launches Upland Mobile Messaging

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Upland Software has acquired Waterfall, a leading cloud-based mobile messaging platform. Over the past three years, Upland has acquired the three most powerful mobile messaging solutions – Mobile Commons, Hipcricket, and now Waterfall. The combined platform, named Upland Mobile Messaging, is the most powerful and flexible mobile messaging platform.

By uniting the three messaging platforms, Upland Mobile Messaging creates a single enterprise-grade end-to-end solution that transforms the way that companies and organizations communicate with consumers. Using natural language-based messaging, smart campaigns, and multi-channel communications across SMS/MMS, Facebook Messenger, Android RCS messaging, and mobile wallet, Upland Mobile Messaging allows any organization, across any industry, to reach their target consumer.  Upland Mobile Messaging also enables integrations with many other platforms, including CRMs, analytics tools and other social messaging applications.

As the leader in cross-channel mobile communications, Upland Mobile Messaging serves clients across every industry – retail, media and entertainment, government, non-profit, advocacy, quick service restaurants, healthcare, and much more. We have customized solutions that can work for many industries, and the expertise to help you achieve your goals. And if you’re not sure exactly what kind of campaign your organization needs, Upland’s team of mobile strategists can help you craft the most effective strategy to ensure you achieve the outcome that your business or organization desires.

Consolidating these three platforms isn’t just great for companies. It will also provide a better experience for consumers. People today want simplicity and regularity in their transactions. They want to know exactly what to expect when they choose to engage with an organization. Upland Mobile Messaging has the scale to establish best practices across the entire mobile messaging industry, so consumers can get the value and consistency they’re looking for.

Perhaps most excitingly, combining these platforms offers Upland Mobile Messaging the power and flexibility to innovate. The past three years have shown us how quickly mobile messaging is evolving. New technologies and new strategies are revolutionizing customer engagement. Using our UplandOne methodology, we can leverage our wealth of user data as well as a constant conversation with our customers to unearth deep insights and develop new and better products.

Since founding Mobile Commons in 2007, I’ve been working in the world of mobile messaging for over a decade. It’s been inspiring to see our industry evolve, and to watch a once-niche technology become ubiquitous. Upland Mobile Messaging fulfills the promise that we imagined so many years ago: one system, that can serve every industry, to reach every consumer. I’m excited to see what comes next.

– Jed Alpert, SVP and GM of Digital Engagement Solutions, Upland Solutions

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