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Over 48 million non-elderly Americans are currently uninsured. This Fall, the Affordable Care Act will provide them, and others in need, the chance to purchase affordable health insurance that works for them. The problem is: most people haven’t heard of the ACA, they don’t understand it, and they don’t know how to take advantage of it.

It is vital that governments, insurance agencies, health centers and non-profits educate citizens about their new insurance options and drive enrollment – both for the health of the system, and for the health of the citizens themselves. We need to reach those citizens, educate them about the changes in the system, and enroll them in plans that work for them.

Upland Mobile Messaging has a solution. Text messaging is the most effective way to educate people about health insurance. Using Upland Mobile Messaging text messaging, you can keep uninsured populations informed about the changes to health insurance and drive their enrollment in the new plans.

How Text Messaging Can Keep Citizens Educated and Empowered

Text messaging is the best way to reach everyone, no matter their income level. There are over 326 million mobile subscribers in the US sending over 6 billion messages a day. What’s more, the at-risk populations that are most in need of health insurance send a disproportionate number of those texts.

Enroll is an out-of-the-box text messaging solution to educate the uninsured about the new health insurance marketplaces and drive enrollment. Our customers include insurance providers, marketplaces, hospitals, clinics, heath departments, and nonprofits.

By sending information to people in a way that is easy for them to digest, on the device they have in their pocket, you can provide them insight into the health care system, and the inspiration they need to sign up.

It works in three easy steps.


1)   Outreach: People sign up to learn about health insurance via text message. You can reach new people by adding simple instructions to your flyers, social media, and website.

2)   Education: Subscribers receive text messages about health insurance marketplaces. Upland Mobile Messaging provides the content, which can be customized for your brand and target population(s).

3)   Enrollment: Starting October 1, subscribers get alerts about open enrollment deadlines.  You can send instructions about how to enroll online, over the phone, or in-person.


What’s more, you can easily measure the results. The Upland Mobile Messaging system lets you track enrollments, measure your ROI, and send follow-up messaging and surveys.

Citizens in Need of Information

Right now, one in five Americans is uninsured.

  • 9 out of 10 uninsured people are in low or moderate income families
  • 1/3 of Hispanics and over 1/5 of black Americans are uninsured
  • More than 70% of uninsured people have gone without health coverage for more than a year

In October, the Affordable Care Act will give these people the chance to find health insurance that works for them by instituting statewide health insurance exchanges. According to a piece in the Wall Street Journal, “millions of Americans will suddenly be able to log on to a website and choose their own health-care coverage from a menu of subsidized options for prices and coverage levels.” From a confusing morass of paperwork and conflicting options, one simple online solution will connect Americans with the health insurance plan that makes the most sense for their family and their lives.

However, if people don’t learn about the new health care exchanges, they won’t know how or why to enroll.  And if enough people – especially young people – don’t enroll, premiums could skyrocket and further dissuade enrollment.

The majority of Americans do not have enough information to understand how the Affordable Care Act will impact their families. 59% of Americans with income under $30K and 51% age 18-29 are unaware that ACA is the law of the land and going into effect this year.  According to the Journal,

“Now it is crunch time for health insurance exchanges. The Obama administration and state governments must have a robust plan to reach Americans – especially young people – through every media available.”

Enrollment begins in October. Outreach and education must begin today.

Why Text Messaging?

Text messaging is the de facto way our society communicates. 97% of 18-29 year olds text and 99% of text messages are read.

Moreover, text messaging is a reliable way to reach minority and at-risk populations, who may not have access to other types of digital communications. Non-English speakers, people with disabilities, and those living near the poverty line often do not have reliable web connections. Households making less than $30,000 – over a third of whom are uninsured – text twice as much as households that make over $75,000.

Conversely, it’s these very populations who often have the most need of vital public-health-related communications. At-risk populations can be difficult to reach; text messaging presents a reliable, effective way to get them the information they need.

Contact Us Today!

Upland Mobile Messaging is the premiere provider of health care campaigns over text. Our customers include insurance providers like Harvard Pilgrim, health departments like the California Department of Public Health, and hospitals like New York Presbyterian.

By contacting us today, you can get started reaching out to your target populations – providing them the valuable information they need in advance of the October launch. Together, we can help people live healthier lives.

To learn more, download our presentation about why texting messaging is the best way to educate and enroll the uninsured.

Contact us to start educating your audiences about health insurance today!

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