WWF Raises Awareness about a Photography Exhibition Using Targeted Mobile Messaging

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For the past five years, Mustafah Abdulaziz has been traveling the world, photographing its water systems—from spirituality on the Ganges to sewer pipes in the Bronx. New Yorkers can now see the results of his journey at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Water Stories, a photographic exhibition launched by the HSBC Water Programme—a collaboration with World Wildlife Fund, Earthwatch, and WaterAid. By taking pictures of water in all its manifestations, Abdulaziz hopes to fill people with “awe and curiosity and appreciation for their world.”

WWF wanted to promote the Brooklyn premiere of the exhibition to its audience of supporters. But WWF is a national organization, and they didn’t want to broadcast an invitation to a New York event to environmentalists in Des Moines. So using mobile’s advanced targeting features, WWF sent the message only to supporters in New York. They also sent the picture message only to people whose phones could actually receive picture messaging.

“This is a great chance to see some beautiful photography and learn more about the global water crisis we’re facing,” they wrote.

What Your Organization Can Learn from WWF

By targeting their message based on location and technology, WWF was able to raise awareness among people who could attend the event, without disturbing the vast majority of their list. Do you want to get the word out about a local event? Mobile messaging can target people based on any criteria—not just location, but their age, their interests, and even the type of phone they have in their pocket.

Water Stories will be showing at Brooklyn Bridge Park through October 12th. Learn more about Water Stories.

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