Your ultimate Mobile Messaging mobilization checklist

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For Labor and Union organizations, it’s never been more important that you’re keeping members in the loop, providing vital updates, and engaging them in your efforts – and mobile messaging is one of the easiest ways to do it! If you’re looking for inspiration on how you can use SMS and MMS to mobilize your members, share information and even drive fundraising, check out our top tips below!

Your Ultimate Mobilization Checklist – Tips & Tricks for Using Mobile Messaging

  • Grow your list – Promote an opt-in-path keyword or webform at negotiation meetings as a way for users to be kept updated on takeaways from recent bargaining sessions and drive SMS subscribers.
  • Build a community – create opt-in paths with easy-to-remember keywords to give supporters and volunteers a ‘digital check-in’ for rallies and meetings.
  • Encourage subscribers to engage – make a pledge support form that can be shared via SMS to capture subscribers’ details and draw attention to your cause.
  • Ask members for their preferences – use our Polling feature to ask supporters how they’d like to be involved and hear from you, then create a message schedule that suits them with upcoming events, reminders and updates.
  • Learn from workers – use SMS and MMS as a way of gathering information from your eyes and ears on the ground. From texting in their stories and what they need (food, water etc.) to sharing photos of unsafe working conditions, the possibilities are endless!
  • Drive fundraising – use mobile messaging to send a donation link to subscribers so that they can contribute to the cause, thank them for their support, and keep them updated with how their donation is being used.
  • Create a buzz online – send ‘click-to-tweet’ messages within your broadcast and hero pictures to share and embed on social channels.
  • Make your voice heard – use mConnect to record a message from your Union’s leadership or bargaining team to give members updates on negotiations or simply to affirm solidarity.
  • Highlight resources – share your local and national union businesses to make sure your members know how to shop with solidarity.



In the meantime, if you have any questions or need more inspiration for ways to use Mobile Messaging, please don’t hesitate to reach out – we’d love to help!

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