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Greenpeace Discovers How to Turn Supporters Into Monthly Sustainers

Mobile subscribers were 60% more likely to become monthly sustainers.


How Do You Turn Supporters Into Monthly Sustainers?

Fundraising is a perennial challenge for any nonprofit. With so many great causes and an unstable economy, it can be difficult to raise donations. Even an organization’s most committed donors can forget to make their usual gifts.

That’s why Greenpeace phone bankers called their supporters and asked them to become monthly sustainers. A monthly sustainer gives an automatic donation every month, directly from their credit card. That kind of consistent, reliable income can have a transformative effect on a nonprofit, as they plan their annual work and seek to grow their influence.


Mobile Subscribers Had a 60% Higher Conversion Rate than Non-Mobile Subscribers

Greenpeace called thousands of their supporters. Only 5.6% of the people they called who were not on their mobile list agreed to become monthly sustainers. However, fully 9% of people on their mobile list agreed to the ask. The mobile subscribers were 60% more likely to become sustainers.

“By cultivating [supporters] with weekly, personal communications, we are able to transform these invested supporters into donors.”
– Zachary Riddle, Greenpeace

“When a supporter gives you permission to text them, they are saying I am invested in you,” said Zachary Riddle, Senior Monthly Giving Specialist at Greenpeace. “And by cultivating them with weekly, personal communications, we are able to transform these invested supporters into donors.”

Even though the ask itself didn’t happen over SMS, the very fact that Greenpeace was using a mobile campaign increased their donations. Why? Because a mobile messaging campaign fosters an ongoing relationship with your supporters.

Through action alerts, event invites, and SMS advocacy, Greenpeace kept its mobile community engaged with their cause. When the time came to ask people to donate more, they already felt a connection to the issues that Greenpeace is fighting for.

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