Best-in-Class Email Marketing Features

In the market for a new email marketing solution? Look no further than PostUp, complete with automated customer journeys, inventory management, AI subject line assistant, and more.

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Easy to Use Content Builder

Create engaging, high performing emails with PostUp’s code-free, intuitive, and evolving Content Builder, enabling dynamic personalization.

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Automated Customer Journeys Image

Automated Customer Journeys

Build automated, personalized, and behavior-led customer journeys with PostUp’s highly customizable drip campaigns.

AI Subject Line Assistant

Craft engaging subject lines with little effort thanks to our AI-enabled subject line generator which creates multiple options based on your email content and images.

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Inventory Management Image

Inventory Management

Track and manage advertising inventory on dedicated email sends to activate targeted segments for your advertisers.

Contact Tagging

Append PostUp contact data with both explicit and implicit first-party data to drive segmentation and personalized dynamic content.

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A/B Split Testing Image

A/B Split Testing

Improve performance with every email with the multi-variant testing feature which can identify and deploy the highest performing campaign variant.

Email Capture Widgets

Supercharge your first-party database with customizable email capture widgets which are much more effective than static web forms.

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Personalized Send Times Image

Personalized Send Times

Automatically send email campaigns to subscribers at the time of day they are most likely to engage with the email based on previous metrics.

Real-Time Reporting Dashboards

Easily analyze the performance of your email campaigns with interactive reporting, analytics, and optimization dashboards.

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Turnkey Integrations

Connect your data and content to PostUp using turnkey integrations with CRM, CDP, audience development, reporting, CMS, and revenue generation platforms.

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