Built with media & publishing in mind

Upland PostUp provides a full suite of industry-leading solutions for directly engaging your email, push, and onsite audience with targeted, relevant content.

Audience Development

Grow your email audience with onsite capture widgets.

  • Flexible capture forms maximize email list growth and first-party data collection
  • Deploy custom, mobile-optimized capture widgets, sliders, and lightboxes
  • Target users by device, location, and onsite behavior

Data & Analytics

Spend less time analyzing your data and more time acting on it.

  • Visualize your data with baked-in Tableau reporting
  • Get custom reports that align with your program’s goals
  • Centralize your data for easy cross-channel analysis using our Google Analytics integration

Email Editor

Build newsletters, marketing messages, and other emails with ease.

  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to assemble emails—no HTML needed
  • Drag and drop content from your WordPress articles directly into your email
  • Easily access assets from PostUp’s built-in CMS

Page Builder

Create preference centers and landing pages.

  • Use templates or build pages from scratch with the WYSIWYG editor
  • Optimize your pages with analytics and SEO tools
  • Ensure your page looks great across devices with mobile previews

Email Optimization

Improve inbox placement and ensure seamless rendering with built-in Return Path tools.

  • See how emails render across clients and devices in the Inbox Preview
  • Identify inbox placement issues before you send with Seed Testing
  • Increase your chances of earning an open using the Subject Line Optimizer

News Alerts

When news breaks, engage your audience immediately via email, SMS, or browser push.

  • Create and deploy alerts quickly with a streamlined send interface
  • Compose alerts from a predefined template
  • Use PostUp’s CMS integration to automatically deploy alerts when breaking news is posted

Drip Campaign Planner

Create campaigns that keep your audience engaged across channels and devices.

  • Orchestrate complex multichannel campaigns with ease
  • Use behavioral targeting to maximize your campaign’s success
  • See your campaigns at a glance with the Drip Visualizer