Upland Integration Platform

PowerSteering leverages the Upland Integration Platform, powered by Dell Boomi, to enable enterprises to easily share business-critical data into and out of PowerSteering. Instead of custom point-to-point connections, leverage Boomi’s library of standard connectors to drive sharing the right data in the right format at the right time. Through the Integration Platform, Upland clients not only derive greater value from their investment in PowerSteering, but also greater value from all of the solutions connected to PowerSteering.

Project/Work Management

Through the Integration Platform, PowerSteering can leverage project and work information to drive business processes. This can include working with service desk solutions (e.g., Zendesk, ServiceNow, etc.), software development platforms (e.g., TFS, Jira, etc.), billing and invoicing solutions like Upland PSA and advanced workflow automation applications like Upland FileBound among others. PowerSteering can capture data from these line-of-business solutions to provide the full picture of all work within the enterprise, or push data into these tools to engage and update stakeholders.


For Financials, the Integration Platform can ease the process of capture and delivery of critical project and work-related financial data. Actuals can be pushed into PowerSteering from ERP solutions (e.g., Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, QuickBooks, etc.) while project managers can complete project forecasts and return them to ERP solutions. Data can be shared on a defined routine basis in order to support business reporting and accounting mandates.

HR Database

The Integration Platform facilitates the management of resource and colleague data within PowerSteering. Working with any HRMS (e.g., PeopleSoft, Intaact, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.), enterprises can ensure timely resource information is maintained to enable optimal collaboration.


The Integration Platform delivers single sign-on authentication, eliminating the hassle of resources having to remember multiple logons and passwords. The Platform works with any SAML 2.0 compliant identity management solution (e.g., Active Directory, SiteMinder, etc.) and supports real-time validation and authentication.

Enterprise Connectivity

The Upland Integration Platform provides standardized and, in many cases, certified connectors to integrate enterprise applications like CRM, Finance, Human Resources, Project Management, and other industry specific solutions.

Upland Integration platform connects PowerSteering to enterprise software

Bespoke Integrations

Customers with unique systems, can also choose to connect PowerSteering to any application. As an open platform, Boomi supports generic, multi-purpose connectors that allow customers to connect to any kind of application and offers a software development kit (SDK) for those who wish to develop their own connectors. Upland’s application will reside within the Boomi Atom and will be able to connect easily with your in-house solutions

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