The PowerSteering Platform

PowerSteering ensures that your business manages projects and work at peak efficiency, increasing productivity by improving visibility, execution and collaboration on all types of work.

PowerSteering enables large organizations to manage the ongoing cycle of balancing supply and demand. At every stage, from idea capture through project delivery to monitoring outcomes following project close, PowerSteering has a proven solution with rich functionality. The high level functionality makes PowerSteering a popular choice for companies who need a portfolio management solution that is able to manage across departments, offices, countries, and continents.

Portfolio and Program Visibility

PowerSteering enables executives and project managers to get at-a-glance visibility into the information that matters most to them. It allows any chart or graph in the application, including those associated with Dashboards or contained in Reports, to be displayed in a flexible visual dashboard. The graphic nature of the Visual Portal makes it clear when portfolio investment, spending or resource allocation is out of line with budgets or organizational priorities.

Project and Work Management

PowerSteering provides the ability to automate, replicate and accelerate the project management process without duplicating effort. Project templates provide a powerful means of creating projects while enforcing standards and leveraging best practices; issue and risk tracking and status reports provide visibility into project status; interactive Gantt allow the project managers to work effectively; and document management provide a central repository to manage all project assets.

Investment Selection

PowerSteering empowers enterprises to ensure all investments are wisely spent to support corporate priorities and strategies. Priorities can easily be derived from key business drivers such as alignment, cost, benefit, and risks. Market factors, goals, and stakeholder input can all contribute to the process. New initiatives are introduced and evaluated in the context of inflight initiatives and capacity. This makes it easy to select the best initiatives and properly slot them into the pipeline according to priority, value, and capacity. These are continuously reflected in the overall budget summaries.

Reporting and Analysis

As a top-down PPM tool, PowerSteering delivers comprehensive reporting and analysis. End users enjoy real-time dashboards and visual portals to immediately assess progress via configurable color-coded indicators, while external stakeholders can receive routine reports in common formats with essential information at any required level of detail. Dashboards, portals, and reports are all drillable: driving users and stakeholders to the handful of critical factors impacting performance. Via Dell Boomi, PowerSteering data can be leveraged in a client’s reporting solution.

Collaboration and Knowledge Management

As a central system for managing project-related work, PowerSteering offers a strong platform for collaboration. Through the system, team members anywhere in the world can handle assigning and updating tasks and deliverables; submit and approve online reviews; readily identify, view the profiles of, and contact other owners of projects, tasks, and documents; subscribe to automated email alerts related to projects they are on; participate in online discussion threads; and share documents (with version control) and best practices. Security and permission settings ensure only the right people have the right privileges to view and change information.

Benefit Value Realization

PowerSteering provides robust financial management capabilties and can support cost benefit analysis. Costs and benefits can be baselined and multiple versions can be captured and compared for variance and forecast reporting. Benefits can be calculated and realized at any stage of the project (even after closure). PowerSteering provides an out-of-the-box calculation for NPV. This calculation can be modified based on business requirements.

Risk and Issue Management

PowerSteering provides thorough risk and issue management. Risks may be categorized and rated in terms of probability and impact and can have configurable weights, scores, and visual statuses. Issues in PowerSteering include collaboration features to enable team-oriented issue resolution, along with action items to ensure action and accountability. Both risks and issues are tracked and archived for future analysis.

Connect To Your Enterprise


Upland Integration platform connects PowerSteering to enterprise softwarePowerSteering leverages the Upland Integration Platform to seamlessly connect your best-of-breed PPM software to your enterprise ecosystem.

Powered by Dell Boomi, the Upland Integration Platform enables efficient data exchange to and from other enterprise software applications, including Upland solutions or common business applications, giving organizations a holistic view of their professional services operations.

Bridge PowerSteering with project and work management, ERP, financial, HR, or other systems, and derive greater value from your investment in PowerSteering, and also from the solutions connected to PowerSteering.

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