Contact Center

Deliver More Personal and Productive Contact Center Experiences

Upland Contact Center solutions empower agents to deliver best-in-class customer experience by enabling them to resolve more issues faster and by engaging customers in the moment, taking action, and closing the loop at scale.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

How it helps:
Provides a single pane of glass for all voice and CRM data through a cloud-based solution that integrates tier-1 enterprise phone systems with enterprise CRM like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Key business value:
Equips contact centers with the tools to increase agent productivity, while providing a better overall customer experience.

Primary Industries:
Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Human Resources, Travel & Hospitality, Consulting, Business & Professional Services, Technology, Advertising, and Entertainment

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Rant & Rave
Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Solutions

How it helps:
Enables users to capture, analyze, and act on real-time customer and employee feedback across multiple channels including SMS/mobile, email, web, and social media.

Key business value:
Uses powerful natural language processing to measure user sentiment in real time and extracts actionable customer insights to drive better outcomes. A robust reporting platform ensures frontline staff and marketing teams drive more effective customer engagement programs throughout the customer lifecycle.

Primary Industries:
Energy, Utilities, Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Finance, Public Sector, Business Services, Telecommunications, Managed Services, Transportation, and Logistics

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woman in customer service wearing a phone headset

Knowledge Management (KM) for Customer Service

How it helps:
Provides a centralized cloud based knowledge hub to power all your customer contact channels. User-friendly templates enable every member of your organization to contribute to the knowledge base. Integrates seamlessly with CRM systems like, and NetSuite as well as with multiple content sources like SharePoint and FileBound.

Key business value:
Delivers the right answer to the right person at the right time, making your newest customer contact agents as productive as your best and most experienced agents and transforms the customer support experience resulting in happier, more loyal customers and team members.

Primary Industries:
Large Enterprise Call Centers, Banking & Financial Services, Utilities, Business Process Outsourcers

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