Turn Project Time into Profit

Accurate time and expense management is the key for successful services organizations to reduce revenue leakage and increase project profitability. The ability to efficiently capture time and costs for every project, gives the insight needed to optimize your resources and bill your customers with confidence.

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More Project Hours, Less Overhead

Upland Timesheets is an easy-to-use, centralized solution that helps remote employees enter timesheets and expenses, or submit approvals anytime and from anywhere. Information is up to date, so your resources spend more time on projects and your management can quickly get the information they need to track costs and stay on target.

Make Sound Business Decisions with Greater Visibility

Visual time and expense dashboards allow you to monitor and control project costs throughout the delivery cycle. Quickly adapt and optimize resource utilization, and make business decisions as needed, based on accurate data.

Invoice Customers Quickly, with Confidence

Time and expense information is always up to date and centralized. Automated approvals routing ensures timely approvals with greater data accuracy, and billing cycles are reduced from days to hours.


Better Billing with Time and Expense Automation

This pre-recorded webinar takes you through time & expense automation. The end goal: speed up your time to revenue.

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Webinar: Better Billing with Time and Expense Automation

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