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Project Time & Billing Unique to Your Business

Professional Services Organizations with a remote workforce need an easy yet powerful system to capture project time and expenses, for greater financial accuracy, improved resource management, and accelerated profitability. Upland PSA Time and Expense Management, is a centralized, nimble solution that integrates with your existing systems to enable you to work faster and smarter. Whether tracking billable time or managing internal resources, it drives accurate utilization metrics and accelerates project invoicing.

PSA Time & Expense software is designed to help organizations capture and centralize project time and expense entries for accurate, up-to-date visibility into financial status.

Spend more time delivering great projects, less time tracking down the details.

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Robust and Flexible

Track time and expense against projects, business units, location or client, including notes. Differentiate between types of time including billable, non-billable, overtime, leave, and expenses billable or not, and per diem. Control expense entry and conversion (e.g. with receipts, in local currency). Allow for tax, including federal, state/provincial, and HST.

Configurable to Your Business

Whatever your business rules, PSA lets you design timesheet and expense entry templates according to any business rule. Configure layouts, formats, workflows, and other details according to roles, projects, or groups, according to your unique requirements.

Powerful Workflow Engine

The PSA visual drag-and-drop workflow editor can be used to configure multiple review and approval workflows according to project-specific requirements. Customize approvals for certain departments while increasing control over others. Set email notifications that timesheets are ready for review. Switch automatically to an alternate process in case of non-response.

Why Upland PSA Time & Billing?

  • Integrate time and expense entry with billing automation in a single system.
  • Automate the approvals process with configurable workflows according to your unique business requirements.
  • Ensure adherence to corporate governance and regulatory compliance including overtime laws, accounting regulations (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley), and more.
  • Accelerate invoice generation with integration to back-office payroll and billing systems.
  • Eliminate the need for manual intervention, and ensure project accuracy with less operational resources.
  • Make sound decisions based on real-time, accurate project time and cost data.

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