Grass Valley: The Journey to Services Success


Grass Valley, a key player in content and media technology found themselves with an issue; operating in 4 different global regions, with each region using completely diverse tools, spreadsheets and processes to manage the implementation services that they provided to their customers. They realized that they needed to restructure their framework and implement a standardized, repeatable services model, in order to provide greater value to their customers, and improved responsiveness to their leadership and stakeholders. This was the beginning of their journey in services automation.

View this 30-minute webinar Grass Valley: The Journey to Services Success featuring Earle Engel, Grass Valley’s Director of PMO, Services & Support. Earle will walk you through their experience with Professional Services Automation, from the selection process, to the implementation. He will also share insights into the change management process they followed, the value they realized, and the lessons learned along the way.

In this webinar you will learn how we helped Grass Valley achieve:

• Better Overview of their Business
• Improved Reporting Capabilities
• Global Unified & Accessible Data
• Simpler Resource Forecasting Processes


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