5 Ways to Grow Profitability with Customer-Centric Services – Lessons Learned From SPI


Every year, SPI Research runs an industry-leading survey that polls hundreds of services organizations on the systems they use and the processes they follow to run their business.

Their latest report demonstrates how you can build profitability by putting your customers first with proposal automation, knowledge management, and customer surveys.

Listen to this pre-recorded webinar  Build a Client-Centric Services Organization, featuring Dave Hofferberth, Managing Director, SPI Research, and Kevin Sequeira, VP Product Management, Upland Software to hear their insights about how PSA software can help you grow your pipeline, increase customer loyalty, and help you achieve greater profitability.

  • Mastering the Plan-to-Profit cycle, including proposal automation, can result in 200% larger pipeline, 50% more bids won, and 20% more new clients
  • Knowledge management leads to greater customer satisfaction, and 19% higher profitability
  • Knowledge can also drive better team productivity and utilization, resulting in as much as $250K annual revenue per billable resource
  • Companies with high customer loyalty show 29% greater profitability
  • PSA-native analytics helps companies achieve 72% billable utilization and 13% more profit

About the PS Maturity Benchmark Report

Developed in 2007 by SPI Research, this benchmark report is used by over 25000 service and project-oriented organizations in order to evaluate their current operations, learn about the latest trends and discover best practices. The results of this report will help you to discover how your organization stacks up against industry metrics, obtain the industry data needed to support your strategy, how to objectively quantify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to create an actionable business plan, where you should invest to yield the highest impact and much more.


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