The Power of PSA Integrations: Make your Systems Work for You

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Learn best practices, tips and tricks for integrating your systems with a professional services automation tool. The process of PSA integrations can be…let’s just say, confusing.

CRMs, ERP and financial systems, project management and collaboration tools, HR and payroll…

Which systems should you start with, which ones are worth it and why? What problems can you expect to encounter and how do you manage them?

In this webinar, we’ll explore best practices, tips, and tricks to help avoid these common head scratches and make sure you get value out of the systems you already have.

Business Operations Project Management PSA On-demand Webinar


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Meet our panel of experts

Philippe Ducas

General Manager, Service Operations

Trevor Coyle

Marketing Manager

Trevor is responsible for the marketing strategy for several products in Upland's library, supporting unique go-to-market strategies and tactics. He works to recognize patterns in the research and get the right story in front of the right audience. You can also find Trevor outdoors up to something, whether it be walking his dog or camping up on a mountain.

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