Qvidian Certifications

Qvidian certification helps learners build credibility and confidence by validating their Qvidian expertise within an industry-recognized proposal writing and content management software.  Once you put in the effort to learn the essentials of Qvidian content management, you can share your expertise with your peers, the proposal management community, and beyond!


Prove your Qvidian expertise with a Content Manager I certification. People who earn the Content Manager I certification have demonstrated their understanding of topics related to creating and maintaining content in the Qvidian library.

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Exam Methodology Data Sheet

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Qvidian University Courses

Our standard, ongoing Qvidian University course offerings include RFP Management, Foundations,  Advanced Content Management, and Advanced Architecture. We also offer one-time Qvidian University Pop-Up courses periodically, so stay tuned for details! Click below to learn more and register for our courses.




Looking to learn how to be a change leader within your organization? This pop-up course will teach you about change management strategies and creating a communication plan for driving adoption. 

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New to Qvidian? Then this is your starting point. Experience all the RFP benefits Qvidian has to offer, including collaborating with others and managing your response project.

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This course is a perfect starting point for new Qvidian content managers and administrators to ensure the library is created and maintained according to best practices.

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Uncover best practices around library structure and content management workflows, and learn how to strategically create content for the library, manage collaborative content review jobs, and report on content usage.

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This course is appropriate for users who are system admins or architects for their company’s Qvidian account. Users who complete this course will have expanded architecture knowledge so they can create document types from start to finish for their company –  without needing help from Qvidian.

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This course is for customers who have purchased Enterprise Upland Analytics.  Users who complete this course will know how to view statistics and trends, create dashboards and configure tools to efficiently share key insights with stakeholders.

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This course provides in-depth training on Microsoft Word Templates and how a template interacts with Qvidian functionality. Templates make it possible to minimize formatting post-build as well as allow for very efficient rebranding of your Qvidian content. 

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Master the building blocks across all areas of Qvidian that you’ll need to succeed: populating and managing a library of top-notch content, comprehensive document and presentation generation, and custom document design.

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Qvidian University is the place to learn new skills and hone old ones.

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Our faculty strives to deliver a first-class education experience for our best in class proposal automation solution. When you graduate you won’t just have a Certificate of Completion to hang on your wall, you’ll have a more thorough understanding of how proposal automation software can best power your process and ease the deadline crunch to allow quality improvements to every outbound proposal.

You’ll understand industry-leading best practices in content assembly and management. Applying your new knowledge to your team’s efforts will speed the delivery of winning documents, but you can’t apply what you don’t know!

Engaging Environment

All courses are designed around the needs of our students. Our instructors incorporate open discussion with detailed demonstration and get beyond lecture with engaging group activities.

Deep Expertise

All instructors are fluent in the Qvidian solution set. They love to share real world experiences and years of company-wide expertise to bring you real life answers and cutting edge ideas you can use.

Written Record

Every student leaves each course with comprehensive notes, discussion recaps and details on group activities to help you recall detail, share with team mates and otherwise stay on course.

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