Sage Case Study

Customer insight doesn’t have to be taxing

Sage, the market leader in cloud business management solutions, wanted to capture real-time feedback to understand how its customers really felt about their experiences. By undertaking a UK partnership with Rant & Rave, Sage has seen increases in Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction, plus more engagement from the frontline than ever before.

Sage can also quickly identify and solve customer’s issues, preventing complaints. The results were so positive that it wanted to replicate the success globally, rolling out both Rant & Rave for Salesforce and Frontline Engagement to 8,000 users around the world, moving from a disparate and inconsistent approach, using seven different solutions, to a single, centralized platform with Rant & Rave.

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Sage Case Study - Upland Rant & Rave

The proof’s in the pudding


Seen Customer Satisfaction rise by 5%

Increased its Net Promoter Score by >10 points

Reduced the cost of complaints by >30%

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