Objectif Lune Delivers Modern Document Composition and Process Automation

June 7, 2022 2 minute read

Team Objectif Lune

The 2022.1 release from Objectif Lune delivers over 100 customer-driven features to support complex business communications and digital transformation efficiency

Upland Software has announced over 100 customer-driven enhancements for its document composition and process automation product, Objectif Lune. The 2022.1 release from Objectif Lune includes features that introduces versioning to improve users’ control over their developed resources, template creation directly from Microsoft Word Documents, and an easier way to merge HTML snippets with data.

“This latest release from Objectif Lune is yet another example of Upland’s commitment to meeting the day-to-day needs of our customers while helping them reach their digital transformation goals,” said Karen Cummings, General Manager and Executive Vice Present at Upland. “Upland provides the technology our customers need to manage and optimize complex paper processes within modern business environments, while seamlessly integrating our technology with their existing systems so they don’t have to start from scratch.”

The 2022.1 release from Objectif Lune includes:

  • Added ability to track changes with versioning: The new version control feature allows users to keep a record of changes made to templates or data mapping configuration files, alongside the ability to quickly revert to a previous version.
  • Snippets made easy with Handlebars: The integration of Handlebars, the popular templating library, to the Designer module, removes challenges encountered with snippet-heavy templates. This simplifies their management and reduces scripting requirements when applying personalization and conditions.
  • Template creation from a Microsoft Word document: A new Word-based print template wizard makes the process of template creation from MS Word documents, seamless.

The 2022.1 release is available now and customers can read more about it here: What’s New in OL Connect Technology 2022.1 datasheet. To learn more about Objectif Lune, visit https://www.objectiflune.com/en/.

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