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Manage your public cloud infrastructure with Cimpl Cloud. You’ll lower your cloud costs, increase cloud security, improve cloud governance, and optimize your cloud resources.

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Popular Cimpl Cloud optimization services

Cloud expense management

Automated invoice validation, right-sizing, and cost-saving recommendations

Cloud security

Automatic detection and alerts of any security issues to prevent vulnerabilities.

Cloud compliance

With 35 best practice checks to comply with industry standards, including HIPAA, NIST, FedRAMP, SOC2 and more.

Track technology assets across your enterprise

The Cimpl platform provides a single place to monitor, manage, and optimize all your technology assets and services and their associated costs. See also Cimpl Telecom for telecom expense management and Cimpl Mobile for managed mobility services. You’ll gain insight into the services being used and by whom, and you’ll discover opportunities for significant savings.

Automated alerts keep you on track

It’s difficult to manually monitor all aspects of your network and find all inefficiencies or problems. Automated, configurable alerts save you and your team time and effort. Real-time notifications on issues regarding capacity, costs, security, and governance enable you to react swiftly and keep your cloud environment running at peak performance.

Cloud expense management

Keep your cloud costs under control

The ease of purchasing new cloud applications and services by multiple departments in your organization makes it difficult to monitor and manage all your cloud assets and costs.

Cimpl Cloud expense management software tracks the various factors that influence cloud costs, including:

  • Software licenses
  • Virtual machine instances
  • Training and support
  • Network traffic
  • Web services
  • Memory
  • Storage
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Cloud cost visibility

Get an accurate, at-a-glance view of all cloud assets in an intuitive graphical dashboard.

  • Easily understand your cloud usage and spend
  • Uncover trends early, enabling you to proactively address any issues in your cloud environment
  • Predict future usage and expenditure using accurate forecasts drawn from previous usage data
  • Prevent unseen increased costs and more easily spot errors

Cloud cost optimization

Right-size your network to ensure you have the amount and type of services you need to run your organization smoothly, without paying for services that you don’t need.

  • Identify overused or underutilized resources, as well as unused resources that can be turned off
  • Ensure you’re taking advantage of discounts available through providers

Cloud cost allocation

Allocate costs and issue chargebacks to the various departments based on cloud usage.

  • Set and monitor budgets for different departments
  • Easily see who is exceeding their budget
Cloud security

Achieve next-generation automated cloud monitoring and security management

Cloud security is a shared responsibility model between the cloud provider and the customer. AWS takes responsibility for the security of their infrastructure and managed services. You are responsible for the security of the software you choose to run on that infrastructure and for the security of the data.

The cloud introduces a whole new set of security challenges and requires an entirely new way of thinking about security:

  • Unprecedented velocity of change as a result of on-demand resources
  • Transient nature of networks in the cloud
  • Difficulty of monitoring incidents and activities across multiple clouds
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The importance of security automation

Managing all the servers, databases, and storage systems in a growing cloud infrastructure requires automation. Proactive, automated security assurance is an essential component of cloud adoption.

Cimpl Cloud’s self-healing automation capabilities can detect and remedy security misconfigurations. Alerts can be enabled to notify appropriate personnel of any specific configuration change.

With 380 automated configuration and security checks, Cimpl Cloud is purpose-built to automate your cloud security posture and help you meet compliance mandates.

Cimpl Cloud’s unified cloud governance platform delivers:

  • Total visibility into your cloud and perimeter
  • Continuous security monitoring of cloud activity and configurations
  • Automated response and control of best practices, groups, and IAM permissions

Some of the security services Cimpl Cloud provides

Log Intelligence
  • Automated log documentation
  • Unified analytics
  • Proactive risk identification
Configuration & Change
  • Continuous CloudTrail and Config analysis
  • Publicly accessible resource mapping
  • Automatic environment checks and alerts
User Tracking & Permissions
  • Multi-cloud IAM tracking
  • Account permission and role mapping
  • Security group and permission mapping
Perimeter Assessment
  • Dynamic environment scanning
  • Port and protocol management
  • Automatic alerts for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
  • VPC flow log and traffic analysis
Cloud compliance

Gain total compliance in the cloud

The need for network compliance may stem from government regulations, contractual requirements, industry practices, or simply the needs of your business. Whatever the reason for compliance, the defined configuration standards need to be enforced rigidly and uniformly across the network. And regular reporting or auditing are required to prove that networks and devices remain compliant.

In a complex cloud environment, ensuring the compliance of every network device and service becomes increasingly more difficult. and parts of the network might drift from the accepted standard.

Networking teams need a way to normalize configurations across all types of infrastructure so they can discover and manage cloud-native network services.

Cimpl Cloud continuously monitors your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for compliance with 35 major regulatory standards. It automatically implements 600+ customizable best practice checks to help you achieve and remain at 100% compliance.

With its built-in compliance checks, Cimpl Cloud can secure, manage, and govern the most sensitive environments in the world.

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