Why Cimpl Managed Services

Rely on a dedicated team of experts to improve your cost management
and drive new operational efficiencies

Most organizations have significant challenges in keeping costs low while scaling and managing wireless and telecom. Cimpl Managed Services are here for you. Outsource this function to our dedicated team of experts. With our many years of experience in telecom management, we will improve your cost management and drive new operational efficiencies while you get back to running your business.

The knowledge to drive transformational change in telecom and mobility


  • Industry-leading, Multi-Tenant Platform-as-a-Service.
  • We don’t stop at Telecom Expense Management. We drive transformational changes in telecom and mobility management for our customers, by guiding them through our recommended steps.
  • Early and frequent ROI. We configure our service offering to your immediate, and future, needs to drive early ROI.
  • Continuous automation. We focus on finding new operational efficiencies for your organization through workflow automation that reduce costs for everyone.
  • Showing the value. We report on the value of using our services, so you can illustrate a positive ROI to your stakeholders. We detail how much time and money you have saved and benchmark the accuracy of your inventory.
  • Control the full procure-to-pay lifecycle process and day two activities.
  • Mobility Managed Services. Cimpl’s mobility services cater to the needs of managing the everyday requests of mobility users faster and is more optimized than other MMS BPO offerings.

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