Inventory Management

Track IT and Telecom Inventory Accuracy with Managed Services

Nobody in IT loves asset management. However, for those that understand ITAM, they see the value of having an accurate inventory. It results in huge savings for the company and mitigates security risks and rogue end-user behavior.

At Cimpl, we take managing inventory accuracy seriously to the point that we track the accuracy level of each asset type from day one. Using our processes, platform, and crowd-sourcing asset management approach, we aim to clean up our clients and keep them that way. Our team of specialists is there to take care of orders, upgrades, changes, and anything else needed, so you can focus on what’s important on your priority list.

The Cimpl Advantages:

  • Know what you have at all times.
  • Know where the services are located and to whom they are assigned.
  • Human intervention is kept to a minimum through automation, reducing potential for errors in processing inventory.
  • 24/7 visibility of inventory information.
  • Confidence in the accuracy of your inventory.
  • Make RFP drafting easier with readily available inventory information.
  • One centralized platform to manage telecom, wireless, IoT, IT, cloud, and UCC.
  • Procurement process is automated through pre-established workflows.

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