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Take Back Control of your Enterprise Digital Footprint™

Cimpl is here to help you take back control of your organization’s technology expenses, and start managing your Enterprise Digital Footprint™. Read more to learn about some of the benefits you’ll reap from using Cimpl in a self-managed environment, or by leveraging our Managed Services.

Workflows & Approvals
for Procurement

Creates approval flows that require management sign-offs on expenditures. Free up resources, and reduce human error, while enabling the automation of processes and tasks.

  • Free up your inbox.
  • Automate approval processes.
  • Track historical order changes.

Granular Usage
& Cost Reporting

Provides end-users, managers, and administrators a visual representation of the time and day that services are being used so they can monitor usage and identify outliers.

  • Access accurate call details.
  • Provide end-users visibility into their individual costs.
  • Alter consumption behavior to reduce costs.

Monthly Executive
Analytics Report

An extensive compilation of graphics and reports based on cost and usage analysis. This at-a-glance comprehensive report is sent directly to the pre-selected audience by email. The report has five major sections with many sub-reports that give an exhaustive breakdown of the monthly data.

  • Provide executive-level visibility into telecom spend results.
  • Showcase cost savings, and usage analysis.
  • Time savings of ~4 hours per month.

Contract Management

The Contract Management section is a centralized repository for any contracts that need to be tracked. Users can manage contract phases, important dates, billing details and related commitments, compatible service types, and more, all in one place.

  • Set up alerts for proactive tracking of contract renewals and expiration dates.
  • Access the information you need to renegotiate your contracts.
  • Centralize all related documents to your master contract.

Discrepancies Tracker Tool

Get key discrepancy statistics at-a-glance while discovering patterns and recurring inconsistencies, and act on them accordingly while tracking the dispute lifecycle from beginning to end.

  • Easily analyze discrepancies for all invoices against your contracts.
  • Take corrective actions and avoid paying extra late fees.
  • Perform actions on discrepancies; assign reasons or choose to ignore the error and justify why in the comments.

Scheduler for
Statements & Reports

Reports and statements sent by the scheduler are automatically generated based on the specifications set by the user, data ownership, and profiles.

  • Reports are automatically generated and sent.
  • Time savings of ~2 hours per month per report.
  • Available for user statements and all reports.

Configurable Reporting Engine

Reports can be configured to the users’ needs without the requirement of a change request. Drag and drop fields in preferred order, easily select or deselect fields to view, sort and filter by fields or value thresholds, and color-code items that need to be flagged.

  • Group columns to reveal automatic calculation fields.
  • No need to pay for custom reports.
  • Don’t wait, configure it yourself.

Centralize your telecom cost,
usage, and inventory in one platform!