What’s Hot: The 5 Most Wanted IT Jobs

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Big data, cloud, and IT are becoming more important than ever to businesses worldwide. This is causing a high demand for IT workers with specific skill sets.

Geek is the new cool!

In Canada alone, 182,000 tech positions will need to be filled by 2019! This is an amazing opportunity for IT professionals across the country since every province has need for talent in technology. Check out this breakdown of number of open IT positions by province:

  • Ontario: 76,300
  • Quebec: 49,600
  • British Columbia: 20,900
  • Alberta: 17,300
  • Manitoba: 4,000
  • Saskatchewan: 3,900
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 3,800
  • Nova Scotia: 3,200
  • New Brunswick: 2,200
  • Prince Edward Island: 1,500

Quite impressive, eh? It seems like the so-called “geeks” are becoming the coolest workers in the market! It’s great to look at the numbers, but what exactly are the IT positions that are the most demanded in Canada? Opinions vary, but here’s our list of the 5 IT jobs you need to watch in the next 5 years!

1. Computer programmers and interactive media developers

Computerworld revealed that 48% of its 2015 Forecast survey respondents said they were planning to hire workers with programming/application development skills. With apps taking over the digital world, there is no wonder why computer programmers top the list of the most needed IT jobs!

Coding skill is the key here. The position includes writing, integrating, and testing computer code for software, operations, and data processing applications. More specialized programmers like interactive media developers might focus more on delivering computer animation and special effects for video games or internet-based apps. Learn more.

2. Information systems analysts and consultants

With the abundance of IT solutions available on the market aimed improving business processes, it is crucial for organizations to have someone dedicated to the development and implementation of information systems plans, policies, and procedures in-house.

This person analyzes available technology options and will work closely with management team to put in place the right IT strategies and solutions. The consultant is also expected to provide advice on service delivery and security concerns. Analytical and critical thinking skills are a must for this highly sought-after position! Learn more.

3. Computer and information systems managers

When an organization has found their information systems analyst (position #2), they then need to hire someone who will execute the plan from the ground up and communicate the vision to the other employees. A good manager has to have the right balance of knowledge about business and technology to be able to shift the company structure into a more agile framework.

The information system manager takes the advice of the consultant in order to organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of the organization. He’d also be in charge of the budget of the project or IT department. Learn more.

4. Computer and network operators and web technicians

In our digital era, organizations are constantly updating their software, hardware, mainframe networks or wide area networks. According to the same survey from Computerworld, 30% of the respondents claimed they need to hire talent in the help desk and technical support field.

The web technician position is in high demand because there needs to someone who ensures the proper functioning and maintenance of all the tools mentioned above. Some of the most frequent tasks of the job include troubleshooting servers, installing equipment, and performing data backups. Learn more.

5. Software engineers

Everyone could agree that a tech company can never have enough software engineers (Cimpl really agrees!). They are often the architects and designers of the main products of tech organizations. For that reason, companies are fighting to find people with software development skills, and it’s going to stay that way for years!

Developing data, process and network models for the software’s architecture optimization is one of the main duties. The software engineer also needs to co-ordinate the development and integration of computer-based systems. Learn more.

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