Going Global with Cimpl – Multi-currency and Inventory Bulk Edit

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Summer is fast approaching, and with it the turn of a new leaf after a few interesting months around the world. Never has it been more important to find ways to speed up our daily processes, think innovatively to come to new solutions and discover ways to make even the most mundane tasks enjoyable. Here’s a quick look at some improvements and updates to Upland Cimpl that we know will cover a bit of it all.

Multi-Currency –

One of the biggest updates in this release is the enhancement of our multiple currency feature. Just like Upland, we know your organization’s Enterprise Digital Footprint is most likely not housed in one single location. Nowadays, with remote work being pushed more than ever, sometimes your teammates can even be sitting across the globe. It’s imperative to make this cross-border cost management work easier.

With the new update, not only will you be able to report on different currencies more efficiently, but you will be able to define a base currency for all your reports. This base currency can also be your standard to convert all other currencies from invoices that are loaded into Cimpl for processing and validation. You will now be able to filter, configure and display different currencies all across the platform in a more optimized fashion.

Inventory Bulk Edit –

Oftentimes when having to continuously update inventory piece by piece it can end up feeling like tedious work. To accelerate the process, we’ve created ways for you to perform mass updates to inventory records. Available in Inventory Management, the bulk edit feature will allow you to select and edit multiple inventory items at once. During the process, a new bulk edit page will appear to help guide you through. Using this new tool, you will be able to easily update values such as service contracts, accounts, assignments and more.

Menu Navigation –

If you call back to our Winter Release update, one of the major changes was the new look as we fully transitioned into Upland Cimpl. Fast forward to now and we’re still finding ways to improve the interface and make overall navigation easier. In this release we’ve added some helpful upgrades to the menu navigation. The menu has been moved to the left-hand side of the screen, now has a show/hide capability, a search function and even a new section label layout.

Filters –

We’re always thinking of new ways to speed up your workflow with options that make sense organically. One of the other updates for this release is the addition of new sub-menu filter options. The main inclusions to this update are the Is One of and Is None of options.

These new options will allow you to search faster, and more intelligently, being able to now, string together multiple terms in a text box.

New Reports –

Finally, we’ve also added new out of the box reports and operators for searches. Continuing to provide new options for reports for you to dig into is an important step in finding inventive ways to use Cimpl. We hope these reports get you new angles of visibility into your team’s current and most important needs.

All of these features are now available for our customers using Upland Cimpl. Special thank you to our current, loyal, customers for constant ideas and feedback into how your experience is going and what could be improved for down the road.

If you’re looking for ways to get your telecom and technology environment under control, visit our recent webinar, How to Manage Telecom Costs for Remote Teams. 

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