Winter Release: Workorder Center and Approvals

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December is finally here, and with that, our final release of 2019. This release has some new and exciting features within the work order center and the self-service feature.  

Winter Release


A special thank you to our loyal customers, who participated in the gathering phase of these requirements and shared with us their current processes and future expectations. It provided us with great feedback in enhancing Upland Cimpl with these new features. 


What’s new in Upland Cimpl? 

All of the following features are now available for our customers using Cimpl or in migration and will be available to new customers that are currently in implementation phase. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information. 


New look 

The most noticeable enhancement – the look! We are now Upland Cimpl, and the color has been updated to match the UplandOne family. This will now provide you with a unified user interface experience across all of the Upland solutions. With this said, it does not affect the usability of the platform – everything else stayed the same. 





New Work Order Center 


We wanted to provide you with the capabilities of selecting already attached files in the work orders and include them in your emails as attachments. Everyone makes mistakes, so we have provided you with more details on the history of changes done in the work order so you can review and revise if needed. This is beneficial because it reinforces Cimpl as a main repository for provisioning activities.  




New Work Order Approvals 

We added a final level of validation for you before sending your work orders to your vendors. This gives you better visibility on expenses to keep control on your budget.  We’ve put a reminder policy feature that will send reminders to approvers that there is a pending request they have not actioned yet. With this, we added a rejection policy to the work order validation request, specifically to define if the submitter will be allowed to reword and resubmit an order if rejected or not.  

In case you are wondering what vendor management is, we have an explanation on vendor management and how it works with payment readiness With a good and effective vendor management in place you could properly establish service, quality, cost and satisfaction goals. You could also choose and then manage third-party suppliers that will help you achieve those business goals.   



New Self-Service Feature 

 The new self-service feature allows you to determine if an asset should be removed from inventory, returned to a warehouse, offer your employee the possibility to keep it, etc.  By empowering your employees with the self-service feature, you will not only be benefiting the IT department, but also every employee that has access.

That’s all for this winter release. Our product team has already started working on the next releases coming up in 2020. Keep an eye out, we have some exciting things coming your way! If you want to stay up to date on industry related topics and best practicesread our blog! 


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