Goodbye Excel, Hello TEM Platform!

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Gaining efficiency over spreadsheets is the 73rd reason to go beyond TEM and manage you Enterprise Digital Footprint.

You’re part of a booming company, and though it’s filled with exciting challenges, it sometimes brings complications. Indeed, the more your business grows, the more the amount of data tends to grow as well. You have to ensure that your methodologies are evolving to support your increasingly complex tasks.

In technology and telecom expense management and many other fields, Excel spreadsheets are widely used to keep inventories up to date or to organize data. However, with the complexity of today’s tasks and the evolution of Big Data, using spreadsheets is quickly becoming outdated and counter-productive. Let’s take a look at one of the solution offered to you.

Spreadsheets Usage and Evolution

Spreadsheets have always been useful for your company and they still have a purpose. However, there are more efficient ways of managing your data.

With technological advancements and the evolution of automatic learning and artificial intelligence, spreadsheets will soon become outdated. Also, in a growing company like yours, you’re always adding assets and services to your technological environment, and all of them come with a ton of cost and usage data to manage.

Spreadsheets rapidly become difficult to manage and use. You and your employees spend more time cleaning it up than making sure that they are accurate or even valid. In the end, you’re not efficient, and it costs you time and money. You need a technology expense management software like the one Cimploffers.

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TEM Platforms vs Traditional Spreadsheets

I agree with you: for a small business with very few devices and services owned, spreadsheets can be a formidable tool. Unfortunately, the more you add, the more disorganized they get.

If you were to compare a TEM software to a spreadsheet, you’d find way more benefits to the software. It’s more accessible compared to its opponent, which is saved on someone’s individual computer, making collaboration more difficult. Besides, if you don’t use spreadsheets anymore, it means that you spend a lot less work hours on them, and more on tasks that really matter. As the saying goes, we all make mistakes. I mean no disrespect to your employees or anyone else, but it’s clear that the risk of human errors decreases greatly when using a computer software, where the data is uploaded automatically and consistently. In addition, a technology expense management software offers you other features like a report builder, grid views, billing discrepancies tracking, and general costs optimization.

The benefits of Outperforming Spreadsheets

Using a TEM platform also has other benefits that go beyond what a spreadsheet can do:

  • Control your technology environment: everything is up to date and organized. You can keep an eye on every item in your inventory, from internet connections to wirelines, as well as your software licenses and tablets along with all the costs and data usage that comes with it.
  • Better use of your time: you no longer need to do all the manual work when the software does it automatically for you. You can now invest your time to projects that brings value to your company.
  • Culture of cost transparency: another benefit for you is that, if you use Cimpl’s TEM software, all your employees would be able to see their technology usage and how much they cost to the company.
  • Automated reports: once you’ve decided what types of report you want, your job’s done. They will be generated automatically for you. Easy, right?
  • Take action directly: The inventory, services and reports are all in the same place and are interconnected in the platform. For example, you can suspend a service straight from a Zero Usage Report with only a few clicks.
  • Integration and communication with the providers : you can manage everything from one screen. No more emails or phone calls; you can communicate with the providers directly from the platform.


Technology is a part of every business’ evolution, whether big or small. Take part in this evolution and enter the digital transformation era with confidence. Now you know more about the solution that will make you gain efficiency beyond spreadsheets.

You’re still unsure of the value of a TEM solution compared to your spreadsheets? Talk with our experts to see how a TEM solution can help your company.

Written by: Charles-Olivier Payette

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