One Drip at a Time: Leaks in your Telecom Bills can add up faster than you think

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Stopping the leaks – or to put it in telecom words, stopping the loss of money – is the 83rd reason to go beyond Telecom Expense Management.

Let me tell you a story that you will most likely be able to relate to.

It is the story of a leaky faucet. During our lives, we have most likely all come across a leaky faucet at one time or another. At first, the drip may not seem like such a big deal – it is such a small drip.

However, aside from drips being annoying, they can add up faster than we think and become quite expensive if the problem is not addressed. At first sight, a dripping faucet may not seem like much of a problem. After all, it does not seem to have any immediate impact. In and of itself, you are right, but eventually a drip can turn into a puddle, which could eventually turn into a flood!

Let me put this problem in perspective so you can see where I’m going. Imagine you have a leaking faucet which leaks 10 drips of water each minute. You might think, not too bad, right? Well, let’s do some quick math here. After a day, it will add up to 14,400 drips, which is equivalent to about 3 liters. You may see where I am going with that… After a week it will be 21 liters, after a month will be 90 liters, after a year 1080 liters, and so on.

Depending on how fast the water is dripping, in some cases you could lose up to 20,000 liters of water in a year, which is enough water to fill a small pool! All from only one drip at a time!

Remember that it’s with nickels that you make dollars. And when you’re paying for water, those drips can add up to many dollars fast enough.

So you may be asking yourself: what does this have to do with telecom? Nothing really, except that it makes for a good analogy!

Let’s say your telecom bills are faucets. Do you know for sure you don’t have any leaks in your telecom bills? Are you one of those who say, as long as it is about the same amount as last month, just pay it? After all, a few drips aren’t a big deal, or are they?

What if you do have a leaky telecom bill? You notice costs seem to add up a bit here and there on your bill but it’s a little thing and not worth your time to investigate. After all, it’s just a few dollars, right?

But multiply that out by dozens or perhaps even hundreds of telecom bills you get every month, since companies possess a lot of telecom assets. And each one has – unfortunately – the potential of being leaky. Month after month, more drips fall into the cracks. Individually, it doesn’t seem to be so bad but when you add them all together you have more than enough to notice a significant negative impact on your telecom budget. So you could say a flood has occurred!

But what is the solution?

It’s Cimpl!

Just as water issues and leaky faucets are best repaired by an expert plumber, telecom problems and leaky bills are best repaired by a TEM expert.

For starters, TEM is the acronym for Telecom Expense Management. More than that, it is becoming more and more the acronym for Technology Expense Management, since companies do not rely solely on telecom to grow anymore. The technological environment of a company can include wireless and wireline assets, software subscriptions, cloud licenses…and I could go on and on. Considering that, you wouldn’t want to lose track of the leaks that could occur in your contract and invoices. That is when a good TEM software makes its entrance.

With numerous contracts and invoices with different providers and different restrictions, it’s easy to miss on important details. For example, unused services, duplicated charges, wrong contract details, billing discrepancies, new assets, lost assets, exceeding charges, and so on, are all different types of leaks that can lead to your company losing precious money. And if you think about all that time when you didn’t even bother to check on those leaks…the amount of lost money can be enormous, just like a flood!

A good TEM software acts as your IT teammate through different processes. It helps you save time, save money, and keep an accurate inventory. So much for stopping the leaks, a TEM software can do much more than just that!

What Cimpl can provide

Cimpl is a Best in Class solution for providing fully managed Telecom – and Technology – Lifecycle Management from cradle to grave and is guaranteed to stop the leaks.

At Cimpl, we hire real people to provide real solutions and obtain real results.

Give us a call or send us a request for a Free Demo and let us show you how stopping those telecom and technology billing leaks can be turned into a positive impact to your bottom line, because you owe it to yourself and your company to stop the leaks and ensure your growth!

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