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Cimpl Helps Businesses Manage the Enterprise Digital Footprint

Gaining insight into and managing the enterprise digital footprint (EDF) has become a necessity for businesses looking to grow and expand. At Cimpl, telecom expense management is changing its landscape, growing into an all-inclusive solution that can manage more than just telecom. Our continuous improvement is what drives us to be a leader in managing the EDF, and has led us to receive the Solution Innovation of the Year award for 2017 from the Association of Telecom Management Professionals (AOTMP). In adhering to the Telecom Center of Excellence standards put forth by AOTMP, Cimpl brings several key things to the table:

  • Provide visibility into the overall technology environment through dashboards and reports.
  • Offer the ability to track and take back control over technology costs.
  • Manage services and assets as a way of building revenue, market share, and customer loyalty.

For a closer look at what it takes to meet AOTMP’s standards for a Center of Excellence, and how Cimpl helps businesses, fill out the form and access your free copy of the ePaper.

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