Cimpl named “Employer of Choice” 2019 by the ICTEOC Award Program

June 17, 2019 4 minute read

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For the second time in a row, The Canadian Telecom Summit and Corporate Culture & Employer of Choice (CCEOC) have recognized Cimpl for an award. This year, they awarded Cimpl the Employer of Choice of the year.


(MONTREAL, QC – [June 4, 2019]) – Cimpl [], leading the revolution in IT and technology expense management is proud to have been named Employer of Choice of 2019 by the Corporate Culture & Employer of Choice Recognition (CCEOC) at The Canadian Telecom Summit on June 4th. Mr. Thierry was present at The Canadian Telecom Summit to receive the prestigious award on behalf of all employees of Cimpl.

“I would like to thank all the amazing and diverse people at Cimpl that make our company special. Winning an award is only a small recognition of the energy and commitment we have toward working and winning together.’ Said Mr. Thierry. “I would like to thank all our employees, customers and partners who all contribute to this achievement. “

After starting as a small web company based in Montreal, Cimpl is now a global SaaS company that focuses on managing technology assets and expenses. This was achieved by engaging employees with flexible work hours, monthly town halls, social activities and charitable events. The company’s vision and strategy are maintained by keeping employees engaged in the core values and the company culture.

About the ICTEOC Award Program

The ICTEOC award is the only “made in Canada” award that recognizes the best organizations to work for in the ICT industry across the country. CCEOC partners with The Canadian Telecom Summit and Telecom Review North America to present the award and promote the winners. The award is open to any Canadian organization that competes or supports the ICT industry including carriers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, service providers, consultancies, software and hardware providers, retailers, government and non-profits. For more information, contact us at:, 416-886-7007.


Since 2004, CCEOC has been working with leading organizations throughout North America to help improve their company culture, increase employee engagement and promote a preferred employer brand. CCEOC Inc. establishes Employer of Choice® (Best Workplace) recognition and certification programs for specific market sectors. Each program is customized to meet the needs of the industry. Companies that participate in a regional or industry specific Employer of Choice® program experience significant benefits including: positive employer branding, more engaged workforce, improved ability to attract and retain top talent, increased customer satisfaction and more sustainable performance.

CCEOC’s mission is to elevate corporate reputations, increase worker morale & engagement, improve business performance and help create better work environments. They will continually look for new ways to create a better, more enjoyable working world. To learn more about CCEOC, visit their website.

About Cimpl

Cimpl is leading the revolution in managing the Enterprise Digital Footprint and going beyond Telecom Expense Management. Cimpl combines actionable data analytics and automation of everyday processes to ensure that companies know what they have and what their technology costs are at any given time. With a convenient and clear-cut dashboard, information is centralized and accessible through a fully configurable reporting portal. Cimpl is an all-in-one software that fulfills the needs to save time, save money, and keep track of an accurate inventory. Cimpl has been recognized 4 consecutive years as one of the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada. In 2018, the ICTEOC awarded Christopher Thierry the Top Canadian Telecom CEO and also awarded Cimpl the Rising Star Award as Cimpl is an innovative and transformational Technology Expense Management Solution. In 2017, AOTMP awarded us Solution Innovation of the Year Award Winner. For more information, visit our website.



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