Configurable Reports & Scheduler


Getting the reports you need for a reasonable price can be challenging.

In general, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) providers charge fees for reports due to all the programming involved in customizing a report specific to your needs. Obtaining a clear view of data in a sensible way can be expensive.

Instead of paying and waiting around for a report, why not get it for free with your TEM platform? With Cimpl, you can create your own configurable reports according to your business needs. Users can easily create and automate reports as needed, and schedule them to be sent out on a regular basis.

Our 30-minute on-demand webinar will give you all the details on our Configurable Reports and Scheduler tools. Some of the key takeaways will include:

  • How to create and reorganize your desired reports in our configurable report view
  • How to filter specific detail-oriented values, color codes, and calculations based on your needs
  • How to easily utilize our latest Scheduler module, allowing you to schedule reports to be sent out automatically on a regular basis


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