The Complete Guide to Build a Marketing Plan (With Editable Templates!)

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It is, without a doubt, the best time to be a marketer. Why, you might ask? Because it’s more possible than ever to execute on your marketing strategy to communicate your brand’s offering.

With an ever-growing number of channels to reach prospects, better technology to assess success, and brilliant strategic foundations to build on, marketers are armed with every tool necessary to deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time.

Well, almost every tool.

The Tool Kit Your Marketing Plan Is Missing

Of course, taking advantage of this prime time to be a marketer requires a plan that enables your entire team to deliver on the opportunities that come up.

Fortunately, we’ve honed in on eight essential templates to plan such a marketing strategy. Such an approach aligns an organization from top to bottom and east to west, promises to deliver a consistent and on-target customer experience with minimal waste or duplication, and provides the agility every organization needs to handle market shifts and surprise opportunities.

Download the templates now.

Each of these editable templates solves a key challenge your marketing team is undoubtedly facing. We’ve grouped them into three steps to not only build but ensure the success of a top-notch strategic plan.

In these steps, you’ll be able to develop a marketing plan with content tailored to fit all essential contexts, personas, and business objectives.

Step 1: Build a Strategy that Delivers

Crucial to an airtight marketing strategy is awareness of key objectives and themes. To conceptualize what areas of your strategy provide the most opportunity for effective initiatives, you need to start from the ground up.

These templates break down your initiatives and content into strategic contexts that clarify opportunities and necessary areas of emphasis.

Step 2: Visualize for Execution

Once your strategy is ready to be actualized with targeted content, it’s time to ensure that all content aligns closely with business objectives.

These templates outline the high-level information that’s key for your team to execute campaigns addressing all contexts at exactly the right time for market interests. You’ll be able to slate launch dates, assess initiative coverage, and balance content across personas and buying stages.

Step 3: Monitor the Progress

Staying on track for success requires visibility into the progress of not just initiatives as a whole, but also the content of the initiatives. The market is always changing—but that shouldn’t send your team scrambling.

By effectively building and executing your strategy with the previous templates, you can be confident in your ability to target your intended audience with relevant content.

The last templates are built to help you monitor your progress and ensure your content unfolds as expected.

Get the Planning Templates for Your Strategy

There’s no time to waste in building the strategy that will carry your content to the exactly the right prospect. Of course, it’s not by magic that this happens—it’s through thoughtfully managing each of the challenges these templates address.

Download the editable PDFs now and take the steps toward building, visualizing, and monitoring your end-to-end marketing strategy.

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