How to Crank up Content Amplification [Infographic]

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Upland Admin

As consumer electronics like smartphones, tablets, and laptops grew in popularity, marketers realized they needed to change the way they reached and engaged users. So we started to create content that spoke directly to their interests and needs, hence the term “content marketing.”

Several years later, the content marketing field has filled up with blogs, videos, and whitepapers—some of it compelling, some of it less-than-compelling—all courtesy of marketers. Because of this deluge, the importance shifted toward creating content that would actually spur consumers into action and share that content beyond a brand’s initial reach. Thus, the term “content amplification” was born, and the scramble began again.

In this infographic from Gryffin Media, we describe the importance of content amplification, and why it is as vital to the success of a content marketing campaign as the content itself. It’s an interesting look at how marketers are finding success in what was considered to be a wild card just a few short years ago.

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