Content Marketing for Business Services: Data That Proves Emotion Trumps Reason

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Common sense tells us that business buyers are primarily interested in the business value of a product. We think that unlike B2C buyers, who are more emotionally invested in products they use, B2B buyers care more about detailed product specs, competitive differentiators, and value propositions.

Right? Wrong!

Turns out, B2B brands drive significantly more emotional connections than B2C brands.

Of the hundreds of B2C brands researched in this study by Google, the CEB, and Motista, most have emotional connections with 10%-40% of consumers. Meanwhile, B2B brands elicit an emotional connection with more than 50% of their buyers. So much for common sense.

But how, exactly, does emotion impact the purchase decisions of B2B buyers? Take a look.

B2B content marketing business value vs. emotion

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So what does this mean for B2B content marketers, exactly? It means that we can squash the misconception that corporate clients crave “corporate” (read: boring) content and start helping B2B buyers—who risk losing time, effort, and even their jobs if a purchase decision goes poorly—make decisions they feel really good about.

By providing content that empathizes with their consumer’s problems and offers solutions in a language they can understand, business marketers can build trust and support buyers—emotionally and practically—in their choices.

While this may sound pretty simple, getting your content marketing operation in shape to execute effective campaigns takes a lot of hard work. That’s why Kapost created a content marketing guide designed specifically for business services professionals.

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