5 Tips for Landing a Job in Content Marketing

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how to stand out when looking for jobs in content marketing

This month, Kapost published new information, stats, and research on how to hire a rockstar content team.

Mostly, the data helps hiring managers find the right people for content marketing positions based on industry trends and best practices. But we couldn’t help but notice just how useful this information is for those looking for jobs in content marketing, too.

Like, for instance, the data sheds light on which college degrees make sense for content marketing positions (there’s overwhelming agreement that a journalism degree or English major is best).

And how much entry-level content marketers tend to make (around $41,500).

You can dig into the data yourself by downloading the complete survey results.

But numbers are only as good as what you do with them. To turn this information into action, content marketing experts Ann Handley, Joe Chernov, and Jason Miller shared their top tips for content job seekers.

Check out this super-quick SlideShare presentation. These 5 tips will give anyone interested in pursuing a content marketing career a leg up on the competition.

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