The New “Regional CMO”: How Field Marketing Content Drives Modern B2B Field Marketing

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The role of the B2B field marketer has undergone a monumental shift—and field marketing content sits at the center of transformation.  

Once considered “the last mile” of marketing, implying that marketing strategies and supporting content were forcibly “handed down” from corporate, the B2B field marketer has re-emerged with greater control over their regional marketing strategy and field marketing content.

As the new “regional CMO,” B2B field marketers support regional sales goals by building a marketing strategy specifically for their region or business vertical. And in the “age of the customer,” B2B buyers go through 57% of their purchasing process, doing the majority of their research online, before ever talking to sales. This means that trade shows and “face-time” tactics alone don’t cut it.

To stay relevant in today’s B2B world, field marketers must leverage corporate marketing programs so they can deliver highly personalized field marketing content to their prospects, customers, and sales teams to speed up the sales cycle and drive results.

But instead of spending time researching their market to develop a targeted regional strategy, field marketers often find themselves caught in the middle of a sales and marketing alignment nightmare, for example:

There’s a new product launch coming up, but corporate marketing hasn’t communicated any of their timelines, supporting content, or campaigns—making it nearly impossible to prepare a supporting regional campaign. Sales needs to communicate the new product to customers and prospects, but doesn’t have content to leverage (or can’t find it). Or worse, the content corporate marketing provides is so off-target for your region, you end up re-writing it all.

You’re frustrated, sales is frustrated, and corporate doesn’t get it.

The infographic below highlights some of the tactics B2B field marketers can leverage to establish a cross-functional, collaborative field marketing strategy that empowers sales teams and integrates with corporate marketing strategies so you can focus on optimizing field marketing campaigns and proving your contribution to revenue.


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