7 Sites for Free & Beautiful Public Domain Photos [Infographic]

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Stock photography can be pretty hilarious, but not in a way that’s good for business.

When I see stiff, perfectly posed “professionals” in button-ups and business suits smiling as they “collaborate” (i.e. point at meaningless graphs and spreadsheets) I can’t help but cringe.

Most stock photography is not only stale, but also expensive—the industry is estimated to be worth anywhere from $2 billion to $5 billion worldwide.

7 Sites for Free & Beautiful Public Domain Photos [Infographic]

Of course, the power of visual content can’t be refuted. Our brains process visuals 60,000x faster than text. Images and videos create strong emotional connections with readers, and hook them immediately.

But the type of imagery you include matters a lot. The best images are eye-catching and captivating, and foster understanding, trust, and engagement. They retain your target audience. And visuals improve communication and learning by 89%.

But finding great photos for a reasonable price can be tricky.>

To help you out, we created this infographic of 7 incredible sites filled with evocative, totally free, public domain photos that will give your content a visual boost. The “style” references the flavor or feeling each image collection captures. And when relevant, you’ll find category recommendations or examples of content types that could benefit from this style.

Keep reading below the infographic, where we go into more detail on these sites, including links to them and recommendations for attribution when relevant.

7 Best Public Domain Sites
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  • By Daniel Nanescu
  • License information: “Do what you want with them, for personal and commercial use.”


  • By Ryan McGuire
  • License information: CC0 1.0, No Rights Reserved


  • By Thomas Mühl
  • License information: CC0 1.0, No Rights Reserved.

New Old Stock

  • By Cole Townsend
  • License information: “Vintage photos from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions.” Editor’s note: Creative Commons recommends using the language “no known copyright restrictions” when using these photographs.


  • By Crew
  • License information: CC0 1.0, No Rights Reserved

Life of Pix

  • By Leeroy Creative Agency
  • License information: CC0 1.0, No Rights Reserved


  • By Viktor Hanacek
  • License information: “Totally free photos for your commercial & personal works.” Attribution appreciated, but not necessary. How these photos can be used. You can also buy Viktor a beer via PayPal.

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